Paddle Starter CCCKC Award

The Starter Award is the basic introduction to paddling which we ask that you have before coming to Kids Club.  The Start Award course we offer to 8-14 year olds lasts 3 hours in which we will play games, introduce the different types of boat and get you going in a (roughly) straight line!

Dates for these courses are in the club calendar and can be booked each year from early April via the courses section.

Once you have your Start Award it's straight into Kids Club!

There are a variety of awards which can be worked towards during Kids Club Sessions for those who are interested, and we will encourage and assist the gaining of these awards.  These are a great way of seeing yourselves get better and can be done gradually over as many sessions as you want - so you don't have to do it all in one go!

Intermediate CCCKC Paddle Award

This award can be worked on through Kids Club and is where we start to develop paddling skills and learn the different type of strokes. Split into multiple different activities and strokes, it can be done gradually with each section being ticked off by the coach when you feel ready.

Advanced CCCKC Paddle Award

This builds on the skills learnt in the intermediate award, developing them and introducing new skills. Again, this is split into multiple sections and we can tick these off as and when you want to learn the next skill and think you are ready.

Placid Water Awards

These are the awards for the racers amongst you. Consisting of Green, Blue, Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels, they are exciting races against the clock and your previous time. Beat the set time and get the award – it really is as easy as that! And then next time try and get the next one. There are distances for sprints and longer paddles so all is catered for.

For more information about racing please see the racing section of the website. We would love to see Juniors at the races as they are good fun, social events, a great way to meet new paddlers and see some excellent racing.

Advanced Paddlers

Once you have the above, things don't stop there. We can help you further develop your skills and work towards the other awards on offer. 

And at 16, you can come along to Kids Club as a helper and train as a Level 1 coach!