5th August Update

Booking for general clubhouse open sessions originally introduced in June 2020 is now no longer required. You can turn up at anytime time to paddle during the club opening hours.

We must all still comply with the Goverment guidelines for social distancing of 2 meters or 1+ metre with a face covering, so only 2 people at a time can enter the clubhouse boat storage area and equipment store room. Please be patient on arrival if there are already fellow members waiting to choose boats and equipment. Similarly when returning after paddling you may need to wait in turn to put your boats back, therefore please allow a little extra time before the session ends to do this. In addition please observe the cleaning and COVID-19 prcautions detailed below.

The disabled toilet is avaible for all members to use.

At the time of posting this information the Changing Rooms are OUT OF USE so come ready to paddle. 

Also note that the kitchen is OUT OF USE. Please bring your own refreshments.

We cannot store any change of clothes whilst you are out paddling so any items left at at members risk. The lockup for small items such as keys and phones will be available . Ask the duty member.

Please rememCleaning and COVIDber that the duty person is also a fellow member who has volunteered to open to clubhouse at their own risk during this period so please be courteous and kind.

Current club opening times are

Saturday 10am -12pm

Sunday    10am- 12pm

Monday    6pm-8pm

Wednesday 6pm -8pm

Cleaning and COVID-19 precautions. Please clean your hands with Hand Gel at the club entrances when entering and leaving. Please clean down the boats and paddles after use using the water hose located by the roll up door tro make them safe for the next user. Remember than you must use a Buoyancy Aid ehen paddling. If yu have your own that's prefered but club BAs are avaibable for use as are spraydecks. Cagoules have been withdrawn from use due to increased risk of contamination and cleaning of these at the club is not parctical. Please maintain social distancing at all times in and around the clubhouse. Remember that the grass outside the clubhouse is a shared public area so please be respectful of everyone. The duty member is also a volunteer so please be kind and respect any directions they give you concering arrangements and what to do at the club.

The toilet facilities are open- only using the disabled loo. Please do not use the pedestrian club entrance if you are fully able. This entrance is still avaible for those with impaired mobility.

The club is doing everything in can to enable safe paddling by providing safe facilities. Signs and notices are in place in the clubouse and hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes are at the pedestrian entrance/exit and the boat storage area. It is member's responsibilty to ensure their own safety and that of others by following current government guidelines and the CCC safe practises given above and elsewhere.

These booking arrangements may change as the regulations and our own experiences involve in the current circumstances. We're really interested to get your feedback on how this is all working for you. Contact Alan on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any ideas or issues. Thankyou and most importantly enjoy your paddling.