Club membership is open to everyone interested in canoeing and kayaking. To join you must complete a beginners course or induction (if you are already a proficient paddler).


Are you new to paddling?

Then we recommend you take a beginner's course run by the club to get you started. This is a 8 hour course run over 3 weekday evenings or a Saturday , between May and October. Choose a date from the club course calendar. You'll also need to pay the club membership fee to take part in this course .

For young paddlers aged 8-14 we run a starter session called Paddle Start on Sunday afternoons. Young paddlers can continue to develop their skills and have fun at the Kids Club on Sunday mornings.


Book a course

Have you paddled before?

If the answer is 'Yes' and you have paddled a short closed cockpit kayak more than once recently then book a club induction session. (Those who have paddled a little in sea kayaks, touring kayaks or open canoes should consider a course - the club has very few long kayaks or opens, so most club activities are in short kayaks.)

If you want to paddle racing kayaks and have paddled before please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will arrange a time for you to come down and have a go in the boats.

On the Induction a volunteer qualified coach will check you can paddle a boat safely and ask adults to capsize a closed cockpit kayak with a spray-deck and self-rescue to the bank, juniors can capsize without a spraydeck if they wish, as they can progress their skills at Kid's Club. The capsize is a pre-requisite for membership of the club. We do not provide any structured coaching at these sessions.

The coach will then advise if you can join the club straight away or if you need further instruction such as a beginners course. You'll also find out how the club operates and what we do as a club.

If you are an experienced paddler or even a qualified coach we'd still like you to come along to the introduction session. We can tell you how the club operates and how to get involved in your favourite discipline whether it is racing, white water, river trips, coaching or simply paddling the Cam - you can roll your kayak rather than doing a wet-exit if you prefer.

Unsure about whether to do the induction session or a beginners course?

If you, your friends or family are unsure then the FAQ's below may help or contact the membership secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Introduction sessions can be booked by clicking on the button below.

Please wait until you have completed the introduction session before applying for membership. If you are taking one of the club's beginners courses you should pay the membership fee when booking your course.

Once your membership has been approved (on completion of the Induction or beginnners course) you will receive a membership card and can use the club equipment and facilities free of charge during club hours

Book an Induction session

Click on this button to go to the course and introduction session booking pages


Membership FAQ

I already have a British canoeing 1 star or Discover award from a course I took last year at an outdoor activity centre, Do I still need to do the introductory session?

Yes you do. We need to see your paddling and also tell you about the club.

I took a  British canoeing1 star course about 25 years ago and have not really paddled since. What do I need to do?

You need to take a beginner's course. Think of it as a refresher. Boats and the associated equipment has changed a lot in 25 years so you'll really benefit from a fresh start. If you do come straight to the induction be prepared to be told you need more instruction before you can join.

There are 5 are our family and the youngest is 7. We are all new to the sport and want to paddle together. Do we all have to do a course?

Everyone aged 8 or above is advised to do a beginner's course. Alternatively the 8-14s can go to their own to a Paddle Start course. Once courses are completed your 7 year old can go in a two seater kayak or canoe with you. The rest of the family can go in their own boats. Remember that once on the water you will be responsible for your families safety. The beginner's course will prepare you for this and you will all feel more confident and have more fun together.  You could also sign up for the BCU Foundation Safety and Rescue Course, or a family safety and rescue within our programme of progression sessions.


I can paddle already but my young children are new to the sport. How can they get started?

You can come along to an induction course and become a member. You can bring your child with you as long as they are 14 or over and confident on the water. If they are under 14 then you can teach them yourself, or ideally book a Paddle Start course and learn to paddle at Kids Club.  Juniors cannot attend Kid's Club without doing Paddle Start.

If you have children uber 8 years old we can shown you the double kayaks and canoes you will be able to take them out in. We very limited numbers of have life jackets for 3-5 year olds and would suggest you bring your own.


I'm not a paddler but my child wants to learn

If your child is between 8 and 14 then sign him or her up for the Paddle Start course. This gives entry to the coach led Kids Club sessions on Sunday mornings. If your child is under 8 then you need to wait until they have reached their 8th birthday.

If your child is 14 then they can decide to do Start or a Beginners course.  Over 14s should do a beginners course on their own. 14s and over can then paddle on a Wednesday evening with the club, or join the Teen Group. You will need to do the bookings and membership online for them until they are 18. But why not join them!


What is the cost of Membership?

The Club year runs from 1st April to 31st March. Membership subscriptions are

Adult £65
U18/Student/Concessions £40
Family* £130

(*) 2 adults and all U18 living at the same address

New members joining after 1st October pay a reduced fee of 50% of the normal annual fees.

Concessions are available for adults receiving out of work benefits or low income and single parent families.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.


Buy a membership subscription

What does club membership offer?

  • Safe, encouraging and friendly environment to learn, improve, compete and have fun
  • Induction sessions for new members
  • Changing facilities and showers at our own clubhouse
  • Formal training courses to improve your skills and less formal progression sessions
  • Swimming pool sessions
  • Sprint and marathon training sessions
  • Use of club canoes and kayaks on the River Cam during clubhouse opening times and club activities
  • Regular trips to rivers in the UK for flat and whitewater paddling
  • Opportunities to compete in Marathon events for all levels
  • Hire of boats and equipment to take on club activities
  • Wide range of social activities for everyone
  • Email notifications of club trips and social events
  • Quarterly club newsletter


When and how can I paddle?

You can paddle whenever the clubhouse is open. Wednesday evening social sessions are particularly good to get started and meet other members. The club also runs session for juniors and Sunday evening swimming pool sessions from September to May.

Cambridge Canoe Club is affiliated to British Canoeing, the national governing body of paddlesport in the England.