Induction Sessions

Who are inductions sessions for?

Induction sessions are intended for those who wanted to join the club and have paddled short closed cockpit kayaks before. Experienced adult paddlers may bring children aged over 8 who can paddle to a Summer Induction.

During the winter, we do not run any pre-scheduled inductions. However, if you are an experienced adult paddler wishing to join the club, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange an ad-hoc sessions.

Inductions are not suitable for complete novices, unaccompanied paddlers under 14s and those who only paddle open boats or long touring kayaks. Please book a Beginners Course instead, or, for paddlers aged 8 to 14, a Paddle Start Award course.  Please note, if you take family membership, under 8s can go out with an adult in a tandem kayak or open canoe.  

What will happen in an induction?

During the induction, you wil be told how the club operates and the different activities offered.  You will go out on the river with a coach who will assess your ability to control your boat and be safe on the river.  Come prepared to get wet as we will ask you to capsize a white water kayak with a spraydeck and swim to the bank.  The coach will advise you if you are free to join the club straight away or need to take a beginner's course. 

ALL participants must be able to swim a short distance, wearing their normal paddling kit and a buoyancy aid.

Induction skills Syllabus

Typical general kayak induction skills check list (if you are a Marathon or Sprint racer, please contact membership for a Racer induction):

1. Select and set up short plastic boat
2. Select an appropriate paddle
3. Get in the boat from the side of the river
4. Paddle in a straight line for 50 meters forward, 10 meters backwards (safely)
5. Perform an emergency stop
6. Spin the boat using sweep strokes
7. Move the boat sideways using a draw stroke
8. Execute a support stroke
9. Complete a Wet Exit (capsize) or roll


Induction - Adult £10
Induction - Children £5 (Over 8s only, April to late September)
Induction sessions are held approximately every 2 weeks over the Summer and, for experienced paddlers, every 6 weeks over Winter.
See the Club Calendar or Webcollect for exact dates. 

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